Whale Watching Report August 22, 2020

DateAugust 22, 2020


Good day everyone!  This report is written by a passenger on board the “Naiad Explorer” today, Krista Bogen, who is from Whiterock, BC.


Trip Highlights(where we went, what we saw, etc.)


Following Malcolm Island’s shoreline, we were excited to study and observe orcas, humpbacks, Dall’s porpoises, sea lions and dozens of Pacific white-sided dolphins.


Additional Comments:


Following strict Covid 19 guidelines, all participants were respectful, kind and patient.  It was an excellent opportunity to be on the Naiad with Bill and the BC locals sharing our stunning coast.




Our trips depart from Port McNeill at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays  The tour duration  is 3 hours.  For more information and reservations, please call:


250-956-9865    or   www.whaletime.com

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