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Whale Watching Report August 8, 2022

Trip Highlights: Family Orcas, with 3 generations and a baby jumping out of the water.  We saw 7!  Humpback whales, specially Yahtzee.  We saw a bald eagle nest with their children in it.  The mother flew around us.  Steller sea … Read More

Whale Watching Report August 6, 2022

Trip Highlights: We saw a group of killer whales rubbing themselves on the pebble close to the coast in a protected area.  Then a group of humpback whales feeding close to another reserve; and on the way a black bear … Read More

Whale Watching Report August 5, 2022

Trip Highlights: Absolute highlight is just finally being back here after 3 years of waiting!  And I got to see my first Minke whale ever!  The A50’s (pod of Orca) were amazing to see again and we saw at least … Read More

Whale Watching Report August 3, 2022

Trip Highlights: Minke whale, orcas, humpbacks, porpoises, flying fish, rhino/football fish, lots more birds.  Forgot the sea otters, harbour seals.  Loved floating quietly to listen to them breathing.   Additional Comments:   Loved all the stories.  The enthusiasm of the … Read More

Whale Watching Report August 1, 2022

Trip Highlights: We saw Orcas 30 minutes into the trip – magic!  A humpback blowing off the coast, sea otters near Cormorant Island.  It was windy, lumpy, sunny and perfect!  Loved chatting with Marieke, hearing lots about the region and … Read More

Whale Watching Report July 30, 2022

Trip Highlights: Sitting in the wheelhouse with Captain Bill, learning about different Orca clans; watching A clan, humpback whale, eagles and eagles’ nest, sea lions, sea otters, totems at Alert Bay, beautiful Blackfish Sound.  Wonderful storytelling and informative.   Additional … Read More

Whale Watching Report July 28, 2022

Trip Highlights: Really enjoyed seeing the humpback whale and the killer whales and dolphins.   Additional Comments:   The knowledge is very interesting and makes for fun as well as a learning experience.  Very impressed by how you can remember … Read More

Whale Watching Report July 27, 2022

Trip Highlights: The orcas, the baby orca breaching, the skipper very knowledgeable on whales and very nice!  We loved it.   Additional Comments:   Will definitely recommend.   The Sokolich’s, Port Hardy, BC & Cambridge, ON

Whale Watching Report July 18, 2022

Trip Highlights: We went to Flower Island and the backside of Malcolm Island.  We saw 5 humpback whales, about 6 dolphins, 4 porpoises and, the best of all, 5 orcas.  We also saw tons of sea otters and diving birds. … Read More

Whale Watching Report July 16, 2022

Date:  July 16, 2022   Trip Highlights: Location:  between and around Hanson and Swanson Island. Sights:  sea otters, killer whales, humpback whales, eagles and even baby eagles inside an eagle’s nest.   Additional Comments:   The crew was informed to … Read More