Whale Watching Reports

Whale Watching Report September 22, 2022

Trip Highlights: Many!!  Humpback whales, sea otters, dolphins, eagles, incredible scenery, sea lions and seals.  The people – Captain and crew very engaging and knowledgeable. Additional Comments: Mackay Whale Watching was recommended to us in the Equador rain forest!!  (A … Read More

Whale Watching Report September 19, 2022

Trip Highlights: Wow, wow, wow!!!!!  Lots of sea otters, white-sided dolphins (100+), Dall’s porpoises, 16 humpback whales with amazing views and lots of action; Argonaut, Kraken and Meniscus all breached! Also sea lions. Additional Comments: Loved spending time out on … Read More

Whale Watching Report September 18, 2022

Trip Highlights: OMG!  It was the best trip ever!  Our trip started with multiple rafts of sea otters that were floating around together.  Soon after that we saw lots of humpbacks (about 13 in total).  Everywhere we looked, we could … Read More

Whale Watching Report September 17, 2022

Trip Highlights: Pacific White-sided dolphins, 8-9 humpbacks, including a mom and calf, many eagles, Steller sea lions, harbour seals, and started off with rafts of sea otters; also Dall’s porpoise. Additional Comments: Marieke and Jass were awesome.  You’re lucky to … Read More

Whale Watching Report September 12, 2022

Trip Highlights: We saw around 9 humpback whales, some trap feeding; one with beautiful tale slaps playing on the waves of the boat.  We saw sea lions, sea otters, Dall’s porpoises, bald eagles and many other birds.  Absolutely amazing to … Read More

Whale Watching Report September 11, 2022

Today was fantastic as usual.  We saw sea otters on this side of the island, never seen on previous trips.  The Steller sea lions were majestically basking on the rocks, growling, not barking.  And then the humpbacks; tail slapping, lunge … Read More

Whale Watching Report September 9, 2022

Trip Highlights: Starting with a raft of about 25 sea otters, we had a fantastic day!  A whole lot of white-sided dolphins fishing then swam off at top speed!  It was then on to our first group of humpback whales … Read More

Whale Watching Report September 8, 2022

Trip Highlights: Great day!  Sunshine…humpbacks and more humpbacks…sea lions…sea otters…and transient orcas!!   Additional Comments:   Fabulous crew and a visit to Orcalab and Alert Bay too.  Great to be back on the water with the whales.  A perfect day … Read More

Whale Watching Report September 5, 2022

Trip Highlights: Areas traveled:  Malcolm Island, mouth of Broughton’s, past Alert Bay, Robson Bight.  Seen:  humpback whales, Orca family, sea otters, minke whale, marine birds, Dall’s porpoise, great scenery.   Additional Comments:   Had a wonderful time.  Bill was a … Read More

Whale Watching Report September 2, 2022

Trip Highlights: Went “where the whales were” under cover of dense fog.  Saw many seabirds and an especially fine variety of Pacific fog.  Once the sun arrived, we were treated to stunning mountain views, humpbacks (featuring Inukshuk and his kelp), … Read More