Whale Watching Reports

Whale Watching Report August 31, 2022

Trip Highlights: Jumping humpback whales, who could not stop playing around.  I guess there were at least two or three of them.  Then we saw 15 or 20 orcas hanging around together; 3 groups of different orcas from A and … Read More

Whale Watching Report August 27, 2022

Trip Highlights: Great to see the orca rubbing on Strider Beach.  Loads of humpbacks including mother and calf.  Also  lots of tail flukes.  Oh, and a great spy hop from an orca!   Additional Comments:   Marieke is a great … Read More

Whale Watching Report August 24, 2022

Trip Highlights: A foggy start to an amazing blue sky day!  Saw a beautiful family of orcas with a hunting male, soon joined by two more pods.  Then across to humpbacks feeding on bait balls created by sea birds, eagles … Read More

Whale Watching Report August 20, 2022

Trip Highlights: We could spot Biggs (transient orcas) off Sointula (T60, T69a’s) slowly swimming together through the fog that just started lifting.  Some playful and relaxedly drifting sea otters followed.  We saw multiple humpbacks and a beautiful range of their … Read More

Whale Watching Report August 18, 2022

Trip Highlights: Mixed clan of Northern resident orca, happy (seemingly) socializing with unidentified males Johnstone Strait.  Lunge-feeding humpbacks, mother and calf.  Missed the breach, but caught the splash.  More humpback encounters with pectoral fin, surface feeding and skimming.  Some nice … Read More

Whale Watching Report August 17, 2022

Trip Highlights: Half a dozen sea otters, Biggs killer whales, about 25 resident killer whales, Dall’s porpoises beside boat, and humpback whale feeding.   Additional Comments:   Sabine’s gull…good bird!   Addison Family, Peterborough, Ontario

Whale Watching Report August 13, 2022

Trip Highlights: Sleeping orcas, we saw the A54’s.  They were peacefully sleeping.  We saw some beautiful humpback whales, one pair was a mother and calf.  We saw harbour seals and a huge group of sea otters, who are the cutest … Read More

Whale Watching Report August 12, 2022

Date:  August 12, 2022   Trip Highlights: Killer whales, humpbacks, seabirds, dolphins, sea otter; love them all.  Had an excellent trip; thank you!   Additional Comments:   Best whale watching trip ever!   Susan & Terry,  Port Coquitlam, BC

Whale Watching Report August 8, 2022

Trip Highlights: Family Orcas, with 3 generations and a baby jumping out of the water.  We saw 7!  Humpback whales, specially Yahtzee.  We saw a bald eagle nest with their children in it.  The mother flew around us.  Steller sea … Read More

Whale Watching Report August 6, 2022

Trip Highlights: We saw a group of killer whales rubbing themselves on the pebble close to the coast in a protected area.  Then a group of humpback whales feeding close to another reserve; and on the way a black bear … Read More