Whale Watching Report September 19, 2020

Date:  September 19, 2020

Good day everyone!  This report is written by passengers on board the “Naiad Explorer” today, Chloe and Jasspreet , who are  from Quadra Island and Victoria, BC.

Trip Highlights:  (where we went, what we saw, etc.)

Best day ever!!! We’ve been looking forward to this trip for the whole summer and it didn’t disappoint!  We saw Dall’s porpoises as we travelled down Johnstone Strait before we came across the A25’s and A23’s of the Northern Resident Killer whales, fishing.  Next were Steller sea lions, then on to humpbacks!  Conger, Ripple and Bumpy were lunge-feeding by Bold Head, while Pacific white-sided dolphins harassed Conger and Ripple.  More humpbacks interrupted us as we were trying to get home, including an incredible breach from Ridge!  Other HB’s were Claw, Merge and at least 3 more.

Additional Comments:

Thank you for this amazing trip!  Still the best crew in town; excited to come back out with you!  Thanks for the best day ever!!

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