Whale Watching Report August 20, 2022

Trip Highlights:

We could spot Biggs (transient orcas) off Sointula (T60, T69a’s) slowly swimming together through the fog that just started lifting.  Some playful and relaxedly drifting sea otters followed.  We saw multiple humpbacks and a beautiful range of their behaviours (Claw’s baby breached, Inuksuk snoozed on the surface, tail slaps, fluking); it was beautiful to watch.  The trip even included Northern Resident killer whales with the A50’s with the wonderful coastline in the sun.  And of course, we could see birds too.


Additional Comments:


It was amazing and we fully appreciate the birding tour ; ) .  Magical experience that brought us to majestic animals in the most ethical way.  We also really appreciate Captain Bill’s and Marieke’s knowledge, anecdotes and stories with regards to the local wildlife.  You can ask them about any animal and they can teach you a lot.  Thank you for taking us out on the big ocean.  We will come back again!


Sophie & Josh, Germany & The Netherlands

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