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Whale Watching Report August 5, 2022

Trip Highlights: Absolute highlight is just finally being back here after 3 years of waiting!  And I got to see my first Minke whale ever!  The A50’s (pod of Orca) were amazing to see again and we saw at least … Read More

Whale Watching Report August 3, 2022

Trip Highlights: Minke whale, orcas, humpbacks, porpoises, flying fish, rhino/football fish, lots more birds.  Forgot the sea otters, harbour seals.  Loved floating quietly to listen to them breathing.   Additional Comments:   Loved all the stories.  The enthusiasm of the … Read More

Whale Watching Report August 1, 2022

Trip Highlights: We saw Orcas 30 minutes into the trip – magic!  A humpback blowing off the coast, sea otters near Cormorant Island.  It was windy, lumpy, sunny and perfect!  Loved chatting with Marieke, hearing lots about the region and … Read More

Whale Watching Report July 30, 2022

Trip Highlights: Sitting in the wheelhouse with Captain Bill, learning about different Orca clans; watching A clan, humpback whale, eagles and eagles’ nest, sea lions, sea otters, totems at Alert Bay, beautiful Blackfish Sound.  Wonderful storytelling and informative.   Additional … Read More

Whale Watching Report July 28, 2022

Trip Highlights: Really enjoyed seeing the humpback whale and the killer whales and dolphins.   Additional Comments:   The knowledge is very interesting and makes for fun as well as a learning experience.  Very impressed by how you can remember … Read More

Whale Watching Report July 27, 2022

Trip Highlights: The orcas, the baby orca breaching, the skipper very knowledgeable on whales and very nice!  We loved it.   Additional Comments:   Will definitely recommend.   The Sokolich’s, Port Hardy, BC & Cambridge, ON

Whale Watching Report July 18, 2022

Trip Highlights: We went to Flower Island and the backside of Malcolm Island.  We saw 5 humpback whales, about 6 dolphins, 4 porpoises and, the best of all, 5 orcas.  We also saw tons of sea otters and diving birds. … Read More

Whale Watching Report July 16, 2022

Date:  July 16, 2022   Trip Highlights: Location:  between and around Hanson and Swanson Island. Sights:  sea otters, killer whales, humpback whales, eagles and even baby eagles inside an eagle’s nest.   Additional Comments:   The crew was informed to … Read More

Whale Watching Report July 14, 2022

Trip Highlights: We saw bunches of sea otters and bald eagles nesting.  Six humpback whales, a family of 4 orca (Biggs’ transients), a very large seal.  Beautiful long clouds over the islands/mountains.   Additional Comments:   Bit wet, but great … Read More

Whale Watching Report July 12, 2022

Trip Highlights: We went out around Malcolm Island.  At first it was rather cloudy and chilly.   On our way out we saw sea otters having fun in the water.  Just when we saw the first whale blowing, the sky cleared … Read More